Jon Simonsen Earns Golden Apple Award

Students selected to be a part of the Litton Leadership Scholars cohort engage in a yearlong seminar course centered on leadership and impactful change. The students have the opportunity learn from Jon Simonsen, a stellar leader.

“Simo,” as Simonsen’s students affectionately refer to him, was surprised with a Golden Apple Award from the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources during a trip to Chillicothe, Missouri, on April 26, where members of the cohort meet with the Jerry Litton Family Memorial Foundation.

Simonsen’s wife Michelle, along with colleague John Tummons and former professor from The Ohio State University, Robert Birkenholz, were there to watch a surprised Simonsen receive the award.

Simonsen is an associate professor, chair and leads the graduate studies program for agricultural leadership, communication and education. He also serves as the director of the Litton Leadership Scholars program.

To be eligible for the Golden Apple Award, professors must exhibit clarity, variability and enthusiasm. Faculty must be accessible to students, helpful, personable and act as a mentor. They should show how they provide opportunities for learning and should teach to the established objectives and expectations.