Get to know Elizabeth Wyss

Wyss is the CAFNR student success communicator

What are your job duties/job responsibilities in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources?

As the Student Success Communicator, I produce content that promotes CAFNR’s RISE (research, international, service, and experiential) experience and showcases the successes and unique experiences of CAFNR undergraduate students from across the college. 

How long have you worked in CAFNR?

I’ve been in this position since June 2023, so about 8 months!

What do you enjoy about working for CAFNR/Mizzou?

As a two-time Mizzou alum, I’ve loved getting to return to campus and promote the CAFNR experience that I enjoyed so much! CAFNR allowed me to refine my talents as skills as a student here, and I enjoy creating content that can help bring more students to CAFNR to be honed into both successful college students and successful professionals. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am lucky to live close to most of my family (including my adorable niece and nephews),  and many of the friends I made in CAFNR, and enjoy spending time with them. I also enjoy reading, going to concerts, crocheting, and cooking. 

What is something your co-workers/other CAFNR employees don’t know about you?

I come from a very musical family. I took piano lessons for nine years as a child, sing in my church’s choir, and occasionally perform with my older sister.