Get to Know Dale Riley

Riley is the manager of the University of Missouri Beef Research and Teaching Farm.

What are your job duties/job responsibilities in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources?

I am the manager of the MU beef farm where I tend to the daily care of facilities and livestock, which is challenging because we have cow-calf pairs, feedlots and also feeding trials happening simultaneously. Likewise, there are several acres to tend to including fencing, buildings and pasture maintenance. We also have a group of students who work diligently to assist and learn general cattle concepts.

How long have you worked in CAFNR?

I began working for CAFNR on June 15 of this year.

What do you enjoy about working for CAFNR/Mizzou?

I enjoy the opportunities that the job presents and the ability to be involved with where our program is headed. I like the challenge of not having two days that are exactly alike, and it is enjoyable to work with students who desire to learn more about the industry. It is also fun to work with the different faculty and staff that I come into contact with within the MU system. Moving forward, I hope to be able to introduce more students to the opportunities the university has to offer.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family while attending various livestock shows and exhibitions and other livestock events throughout the state.

What is something your co-workers/other CAFNR employees don’t know about you?

I’m proud of my parents for being recognized as owning a Century Farm this year.