Genevieve Howard Receives Outstanding Staff Award as Part of 2020 Celebration of Excellence

Genevieve Howard, web and social media strategist in the CAFNR Office of Marketing and Communications, received the Outstanding Staff Award as part of CAFNR’s virtual 2020 Celebration of Excellence awards celebration.

Howard joined CAFNR 14 years ago, after working two years in the College of Education. She received a Master’s in Education: Information Science and Learning Technologies in 2008 from Mizzou, and has worked as an adjunct faculty member in CAFNR, teaching “Communicating on the Web.” She is an award-winning public speaker and often offers training at Mizzou and in Columbia on a variety of topics. She received the “Best-of-Track” award at the HighEdWeb annual conference in 2016.

Howard participated in the Mizzou Chancellor’s Emerging Leaders Program in 2012-13. She has served on many CAFNR and Mizzou committees, helping to set the university’s shared leave policy and social media guidelines, for example.

In CAFNR, she develops web content strategy and manages college websites. She facilitates and enriches CAFNR’s social media presence and creates event promotion campaigns for the college. Over the past couple of years she worked to update the design, structure and content of all six of the CAFNR divisional web sites. In her time in CAFNR, social media engagement has grown consistently. Howard also works closely with Mizzou’s social media managers to amplify CAFNR news and events.

“Genevieve works with offices across CAFNR to keep their web pages current and consistent,” said Michelle Enger, director of the CAFNR Office of Marketing and Communications. “She keeps current with best practices and accessibility guidelines for web content, and helps offices across the college make their content and content delivery work best for their goals. She always makes time to answer questions from others in the college, no matter how full her plate already is.”

“Genevieve reflects the university’s core values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence in all her interactions with faculty, alumni, staff and students,” said Secley Kennedy, executive assistant in the Division of Food Systems and Bioengineering. “Genevieve routinely goes above and beyond her job assisting with great ideas and prompt response.”

“She is a true collaborator across campus and a tireless ambassador for CAFNR,” Enger said.