Genevieve Howard receives 2024 Mumford Award for Outstanding Staff

Howard is a web & social media strategist in CAFNR’s Office of Marketing & Communications.

Genevieve Howard

Genevieve Howard, web and social media strategist, CAFNR’s Office of Marketing and Communications, received the 2024 Mumford Award for Outstanding Staff at the Celebration of Excellence awards ceremony April 16.   

Howard has been part of the college’s communications team for nearly two decades, building the web and social media presence for CAFNR from the ground up. Over the past two years, she has undertaken the biggest project of her career in collaboration with Digital Service, consolidating the college’s divisional and programmatic sites into one, fully branded as Mizzou.  

Howard works with offices across the college on web maintenance and social media projects; her detailed social media plans have aided in record-breaking student attendance at recent Career Fairs and increases in student applications and interactions on social media.  

She has served on committees at the college and university levels and is a regular presenter for Mizzou Staff Development Week.  

“Genevieve is an incredibly caring colleague, and always has an open door for members of our team, and others around the College and University,” said nominator Michelle Enger, CAFNR director of marketing and communications. “She is a wonderful advocate for and representative of our College.” 

“It made me excited to be able to work with someone whose enthusiasm for the project matched my own and it made a huge impact on our effectiveness working together,” said Amberly Nowak, Mizzou Digital Service user experience designer, on working with Howard for the CAFNR web redesign.  

“Gen continually demonstrates exceptional commitment to CAFNR’s web and social media presence, staying on top of ever-changing technologies and best practices,” said Reagan Brown, CAFNR marketing communications coordinator. “Her passion for creating an inclusive digital space and her tireless efforts to keep CAFNR’s web and social media current makes her an invaluable asset to our college.”