Felix Fritschi elected President-Elect of Crop Science Society of America

Portrait of Felix Fritschi in brown suit

Felix Fritschi, the C. Alice Donaldson Professor in the Division of Plant Science and Technology, was elected President-Elect of the Crop Science Society of America.

Fritschi’s term begins Jan. 1, 2025; he will serve as President in 2026.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the Crop Science Society of America and its members,” Fritschi said. “Crop science is fundamental for the production of nutritious and healthy food and feed. I look forward to working together to foster a vibrant, collaborative and diverse community of crop scientists and practitioners to address the grand challenge of sustainably producing sufficient food, feed and fiber in the face of mounting impacts of climate change and the continued increase in global population.”

The Crop Science Society of America (CSSA) is a progressive international scientific society that fosters the vision to improve the world through crop science. Based in Madison, WI, and founded in 1956, CSSA is the professional home for 4,000+ members dedicated to discover and apply plant science solutions to improve the human condition and protect the planet.

Crop science is highly integrative and employs the disciplines of conventional plant breeding, transgenic crop improvements, plant physiology, and cropping system sciences to develop and improve varieties of agronomic, turfgrass, and forage crops to produce feed, fiber, food, and fuel.

Fritschi’s research focuses on sustainable crop production and aims at enhancing crop resource use efficiency, particularly as related to production under drought, heat stress and nutrient-limited conditions as well as the combination of these factors.