Eric Aldrich Received 2023 Outstanding Early Career Teaching Award at Celebration of Excellence

Aldrich is an assistant teaching professor of meteorology in the School of Natural Resources.

Portrait of Eric Aldrich in black and gold polo

Eric Aldrich, assistant teaching professor of meteorology in the School of Natural Resources, received the Outstanding Early Career Teaching Award at CAFNR’s 2023 Celebration of Excellence awards ceremony, held April 11. 

During the past five years, Aldrich has been the faculty advisor of the Mizzou Meteorology Club. He participates in the SNR Student Mentorship program where he mentors 12 Environmental Science students in the field of atmospheric science. 

Aldrich’s philosophy of teaching is centered on creating a learner-centered environment that allows students to take an active role in their own learning process. His instructional goals are to foster critical thinking, creativity and lifelong learning with strategies that include a range of hands-on and technology-enhanced activities that accommodate different learning styles and abilities. 

“Eric embodies the qualities that a teacher should aspire to – he is inspirational, an industrious role model, and a good citizen to the School of Natural Resources,” said Patrick S. Market, director and professor of atmospheric science. 

“Professor Aldrich can thoroughly relate weather phenomena that are presented in class with real events that have taken place, including very recent weather. When there is active weather nearing Columbia, he will take time out of his lectures to show forecast models and explain to students what is happening and what might be expected for the Columbia area,” said student Joey Naumann.