Dustin Johansen Honored as Past President of CAFNR Alumni Association

Johansen served as president of the organization from May 2021-May 2022.

Dustin Johansen (’99 Ag Econ) has been honored as the Past President of the CAFNR Alumni Association. Johansen served as president of the organization from May 2021-May 2022.

He is the director of business development for Farm Journal and also the chairman of the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City. Johansen chaired CAFNR Unlimited in 2019, and during his time on the CAFNR Alumni Association board was a great advocate for change and moving the association forward toward strategic goals.

“Dustin is truly a Tiger for Life,” said incoming president Nancy Barcus. “He brings the enthusiasm he had for Mizzou as Truman when a student to the CAFNR Alumni Board. I have truly appreciated working alongside him and learning from him the last few years on this Board to benefit our colleges alumni and students.”

“I would like to recognize Dustin for the calm, collected demeanor he exhibits,” said Bryan Setzer, 1st vice president. “Regardless of what is going on around, you can count on Dustin to be even keeled and bring an air of calm to the situation. This leadership is exactly what was needed over the last couple of years.”

“I have known Dustin since our first day of freshman year at Mizzou,” said Kristie Bray Larson, alumni board member. “From serving as Truman the Tiger as an undergraduate to the CAFNR Alumni Board President, there is nothing he won’t do to support our University and our College. I am proud to serve on the Board under his leadership and applaud him for his constant dedication to the advancement of students pursuing degrees in agriculture, food, and natural resources.”

“Dustin is a devout CAFNR alum, taking every opportunity to support our great college and institution,” said Stacey Follis, former president. “His service as President and time on the Executive team and Board is no exception to this. He is extremely thoughtful of the constituents’ perception and wishes for the chapter. Dustin has dedicated nearly a decade of service to CAFNR Alumni and his impact in the formation of a virtual and more inclusive Board of Directors will be felt for years to come. We appreciate all that you have contributed to Mizzou and CAFNR, Dustin!”