Craig Schenck honored with 2024 Outstanding Early Career Teacher Award

Schenck is an assistant professor in the Division of Biochemistry.

Craig Schenck

Craig Schenck, an assistant professor in the Division of Biochemistry, received CAFNR’s 2024 Outstanding Early Career Teacher award at the College’s annual Celebration of Excellence. Schenck’s dedication to student success is evident through his innovative teaching methods and commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment.

Since joining the university in 2021, Schenck has significantly impacted undergraduate education. Students have praised his teaching approach for its clarity, organization and enthusiasm; they especially mention his “Coffee Breaks,” where he takes a few minutes to give an applied example of how biochemistry concepts learned arebeing used in science and society.

He teaches courses including Biochemistry 4270, the “signature” biochemistry course, which has a mix of majors including students who have been studying biochemistry for two years, and students who have never taken a biochem class before. Students say Schenck makes lectures palatable, interesting and understandable regardless of prior content knowledge.

“As the director of undergraduate education, I appreciate Craig’s willingness to take on teaching with enthusiasm,” said nominator Shari Freyermuth. “And students flock to his capstone course, 4972, underscoring the positive teaching environment and connection that Dr. Schenck has formed with these students.”

“Since Dr. Schenck has joined our department as an Assistant Professor, I have directly observed the tremendous impact that he has on teaching, training, and mentoring of our CAFNR undergraduate students,” said Antje Heese, biochemistry professor. “Dr. Schenck is a highly sought-after teacher and research mentor who is deeply engaged in teaching and training CAFNR undergraduate students.”