Cindy Greenwood honored with Safety Leadership Award at Celebration of Excellence

Greenwood is a project manager in the School of Natural Resources.

Cindy Greenwood

Cindy Greenwood, project manager in the School of Natural Resources, received the Safety Leadership Award as part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) Celebration of Excellence.  

In her role as both the building coordinator for Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building (ABNR) and the Safety Coordinator for the School of Natural Resources, Greenwood has demonstrated exemplary commitment to ensuring the well-being of her colleagues and the efficient operation of the building. 

“In her new role as Project Support Coordinator, Cindy is now able to spend more time to dedicate to the various needs of the large and diverse ABNR building. She is responsible for the communication and safety implementation for all labs, offices, classrooms, and common spaces in a building with over 100,000 square feet of occupied space,” nominators said. 

Greenwood has a long tenure in the School of Natural Resources, and has fostered a culture of accountability, responsibility, attention to detail and now, a proactive approach to safety management. 

“Anyone that is on the ABNR listserv knows how well Cindy communicates all issues, large and small. She always asked for input from building occupants and is never too proud to ask for advice from colleagues across CAFNR.”