Central Missouri Research, Extension and Education Center Director Named

Dusty Walter named director

Dusty Walter has been named director of the Central Missouri Research, Extension and Education Center (REEC), effective Tuesday, Feb. 1. The Central Missouri REEC is one of the four research, Extension and education centers of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) in the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR).

Walter has been the director of natural resources management for AES since 2012. He also serves as superintendent of the Wurdack Research Center and co-superintendent of the Land of the Osages Research Center.

“I am excited to take on this new role. We are poised for innovative changes and continued good work in the AES,” said Walter. “Working with our partners, we’ll provide a research platform that supports Missouri agriculture and offers an inviting space to engage the surrounding communities.”

Walter will help direct the research, Extension and education opportunities at the various properties within the Central Missouri REEC. The Central Missouri REEC includes several farms in and around Columbia. These farms focus on agronomy, soils, horticulture, livestock, agroforestry and forestry research.

Walter is an alum of the University of Missouri, as he received his bachelor’s, master’s and PhD from the School of Natural Resources in CAFNR. He has previously taught courses in forestry management and has conducted research at the Wurdack Research Center.

“We are excited to name Dusty as the director of the Central Missouri Research, Extension and Education Center,” said Shibu Jose, associate dean of research in CAFNR Office of Research and director of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station. “Dusty has been involved with CAFNR and AES through his education and previous leadership positions; we are excited for the future of the Central Missouri REEC.”

“In education and experience, I am a true Mizzou son,” Walter said. “I look forward to collaborating across teams to grow the Central Missouri REEC in key areas – areas that support adding value to Missouri agriculture and are representative of how CAFNR AES can partner with the community to build a healthy world.”