CAFNR Senior Spotlight – Joey Naumann

Naumann is a senior graduating in May with a degree in agricultural systems technology.

Why did you choose to come to the University of Missouri?


I chose the University of Missouri because of the good education I would be receiving as well as the many networking opportunities within the industry that I could have. From the day I stepped foot on campus as a prospective student everyone was extremely welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Really made it feel like home.

Why did you choose to pursue a degree in agricultural systems technology?

I chose Agricultural Systems Technology because it provided me an opportunity to learn about new precision agriculture technologies and also allowed me to take classes in other areas like Plant Sciences, Agriculture Business Management and Atmospheric Sciences. Combining all these together gives me a very well rounded foundation to start my career in agriculture.

Were you involved in any extracurricular activities? If so, could you talk about those experiences?

I became a Plant Science and Technology Ambassador. With that we would help at events with in the department and help brand the program. When prospective students came to visit campus we would meet with them, answer questions, share our experiences and provide a tour of the facilities. We also hosted student involvement nights a couple times a year. I also was a member of the athletic department’s Turf Crew. As a member of the Turf Crew I helped maintain all the outdoor playing fields such as Faurot Field and Mizzou Softball Stadium for Mizzou’s 660 athletes.

What is a favorite memory you have during your time in CAFNR?

Mud Volleyball during CAFNR Week and the other CAFNR Week festivities. In the classroom, my favorite memories have come from the greenhouse classes offered in the Plant Sciences program.

How did your degree program prepare you for the future?

CAFNR classes have given me the hands on experience to be successful and to manage and run a farm. I have made connections with professors and industry leaders who can be contacted when I have a question about something on the farm.

What are your future plans?

I plan to return home to Ventura County, California, and continue on the family farm as the sixth generation.