CAFNR Senior Spotlight – Adaora Uti

Uti is a senior graduating in May with a degree in nutrition and exercise physiology

photo of female student wearing a white dress and sandals, holding her grad cap, sitting on concrete steps

Why did you choose to come to the University of Missouri? Why did you choose to pursue a degree in nutrition and exercise physiology?

When I was looking for schools that would provide me with a true college experience, there was no better option for me than Mizzou! I am from Kansas City, so along with being close to home, Mizzou offered me a variety of opportunities and dozens of systems that would help me succeed academically.

Were you involved in any extracurricular activities? If so, could you talk about those experiences?

During my time here at Mizzou, I was a member of Kappa Delta, Mizzou Student Foundation and Mizzou Pre-Physician Assistant Association. I was super involved in extracurricular activities in high school and I knew I wanted to continue that path while in college. Through these organizations I have been able to make friends, gain networking opportunities, and give back to my community!

What is a favorite memory you have during your time in CAFNR?

Honestly, my favorite memory I have being in CAFNR has to being a part of CAFNR! It sounds a little silly, but being on the human physiology and translational tract, a majority of my classes were within the health care realm, and so were my peers. In my sophomore year of college, I took a speech class that was based in agriculture and it really opened my eyes to the world of farming and the passion and dedication behind it all.

How did your degree program prepare you for the future?

I truly feel as though my degree has prepared me for graduate school. Not only did I have amazing professors, I was also able to take courses that suited my interests like exercise physiology, and courses that really pushed me to be a better student and learner!

What are your future plans?

After graduation I will be working as a registered behavior technician while I apply for physician assistant (PA) School. Both scary and exciting at the same time!