Ben Knapp Named Buddy Temple Visiting Scholar

Ben Knapp, associate professor in the School of Natural Resources, was named the first Buddy Temple Visiting Scholar through the T.L.L. Temple Foundation. The Temple Foundation first purchased a parcel of land in 1902, which is now part of the Boggy Slough Conservation Area (BSCA) in Lufkin, Texas.

To honor Buddy Temple, who acquired BSCA in 2013, the foundation named three programmatic elements of BSCA after him: The Buddy Temple Visiting Scholar, The Buddy Temple Graduate Fellow (graduate student), and the Buddy Temple Symposium.

Knapp was named as the first Buddy Temple Scholar. Through this opportunity, Knapp will partner with BSCA and conduct research that promotes natural regeneration of desired tree species while managing with prescribed fire. The visiting scholar program will occur over a two- year period. Knapp will make periodic trips to Texas to collect field research and work with managers at BSCA.