Addison Byrne Receives 2022 Outstanding Early Career Teaching Award at Celebration of Excellence

white woman with brown hair and blue eyes wearing a royal blue button up collared shirt

Addison Byrne, instructor in the Division of Animal Sciences, received the Outstanding Early Career Teaching Award at CAFNR’s 2022 Celebration of Excellence awards ceremony, held Tuesday, April 19.

Byrne earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, both in animal sciences, from the University of Missouri. She received her certificate of college teaching in 2019 from Mizzou as well. Byrne has served as an instructor within the division since 2018.

Byrne’s teaching style incorporates inquiry and application-based science to address misconceptions and addresses real-world situations; promotes student awareness and understanding of scientific topics; and generates and supports an inclusive learning environment for all students.

Byrne also founded and serves as the mentor for CAFNR Connections, an organization that allows students of color to gather informally, engage in conversation and build community.

“Mrs. Byrne is the person who introduced me to CAFNR Connections and the program has led to a complete change for me at Mizzou,” said Naya Pesantemercado, a freshman in animal sciences. “She is the sponsor of the program and through this I have been able to meet new people and find a group here at Mizzou. Because of this, I have been able to find a safe haven and somewhere I feel like I belong. This group gives me a break from the stress and anxiety of classes and it has really helped me mentally. Being in Connections and interacting with Mrs. Byrne has given me the motivation to continue in my studies and pushes me to work harder. She has given the most meaningful and heartfelt advice that is helpful for school and university life. I appreciate everything she has done for me so far.”