Shuangyu Xu, PhD

Assistant Professor

School of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Phone 573-884-8014
Address 203J Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building
Website Google Scholar


  • PhD 2014, North Carolina State University
  • MS 2010, University of Missouri-Columbia


Xu’s research is primarily focused on developing and promoting sustainable tourism (with an emphasis in nature-based tourism, craft beverage tourism) for communities using a combined stakeholder-engaged and GIS approach. Her research seeks to fully engage different stakeholders (e.g., tourists/visitors, residents, tourism related businesses, policy-makers) and to develop a comprehensive understanding of the impacts of tourism. She is also interested in examining other tourism niches (e.g., heritage tourism, agritourism) in both regional and linear tourism route settings.


  • Tourism Management (PRST 2060)
  • Sustainable Tourism (PRST 4260/7260)
  • Domestic and International Tourism: Resources, Market, and Impacts (PRST 4357/7357)
  • Constructs of Leisure (PRST 8400)

Selected Publications

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