Biochemistry Travel Fund

Graduate students in biochemistry are encouraged to travel to regional, national and international scientific meetings to broaden their academic experience and present their research results. To facilitate that objective, some travel funds are available through an application process.

Departmental support will be awarded for travel for a) attending a professional meeting at which the student is presenting a talk or a poster, b) attending a professional training course, c) collaborative research or d) other purposes directly related to research and training.

All biochemistry graduate students who successfully pass their comprehensive exam and are in good standing will have available to them up to $1,500 for travel. The intent of these funds is to encourage graduate students to attend several meetings; thus post-comprehensive exam students can apply for departmental support (up to $500-$1,000 per trip) to be used to attend two to three meetings.

How to Apply

The request process requires both completion of the application form and submission of the abstract of the work to be presented at the meeting. Completed electronic application forms should be emailed to both the current DGS for approval signature and to the departmental fiscal office,