Man Huynh



Senior Research Scientist

Division of Plant Science and Technology

Research at a glance

Area(s) of Expertise

Research Summary

I’m working on insect nutrition, toxicology, and insect-plant interactions for management of insect pests. My current work is to elucidate the pest/host and non-host interactions and the mechanisms of resistance to Bt and RNAi of major maize pests via the application of multi-omics analyses and mathematical modeling. I’m also interested in artificial diet development and mass production of insects. My recent work resulted in the development of artificial diet formulations specialized for western and northern corn rootworm larvae that are currently utilized in research and commercial applications.

Educational background

  • Ph.D., Plant, Insect, and Microbial Sciences, University of Missouri 
  • M.S., Plant Protection, Can Tho University, Vietnam
  • B.S., Agronomy, Can Tho University, Vietnam