Elisabeth (Lisa) Webb

Lisa Webb


Cooperative Professor

School of Natural Resources

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Factors influencing body condition and nutrient reserves of waterfowl during spring migration. Energetic carrying capacity and water bird use of WRP lands in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Effects of the Light Goose Conservation Order on waterfowl behavior and habitat use during spring migration. Assessing wetland habitat quality for water birds using plasma metabolite concentrations

Lisa Webb is an applied wildlife and wet land ecologist with a research program focused on understanding spatial ecology of wetland-dependent organisms. Since joining the MO CFWRU and University of Missouri, she has developed a collaborative, interdisciplinary research program focused on understanding the role of spatial habitat configuration and composition in influencing distributions, behaviors, movements and fitness of wetland-dependent taxa. Webb is particularly interested in investigating the mechanistic relationships and spatial processes of animal distributions, with an emphasis on understanding how these relationships are altered by management practices, anthropogenic activities and land use change. Her research incorporates field and lab experiments with remote-sensing tools, simulation modeling and quantitative methods to answer novel, applied wildlife research questions from local to continental scales. Underlying all the research questions is the motivation to inform science-based management and conservation decisions.

Educational background

  • Ph.D., 2006, Texas Tech University