Charles Rabeni



Cooperative Professor (retired)

Fisheries and Wildlife


  • Ph.D., 1977 University of Maine


  • Stream ecology and management.

Research Summary

  • Rabeni’s research addresses questions useful to the conservation or restoration of the biological integrity of aquatic systems — primarily streams — to enhance their recreational and ecological benefits. His focus is on invertebrates and fishes as endpoints and integrators of ecological conditions. Studies examine the relation of fish distribution and abundance to local and landscape features. Rabeni is delineating those key environmental factors influencing the biota, such as siltation, dissolved oxygen, and extreme temperatures, and is designing cost effective mitigation strategies. He is using an Ozark stream to examine habitat and trophic dynamic elements of crayfish and other invertebrates important to sportfish especially smallmouth bass. The accumulating knowledge is being put to use in ecologically-based biological monitoring and assessment programs.

Selected Publications

  • Brewer, S. K. D. Papoulias, and C. F. Rabeni. Comparing histology and gonadosomatic index for determining spawning condition of small-bodied riverine fishes. Ecology of freshwater fishes. (In Press)
  • Brewer, S.K., C.F. Rabeni, S.P Sowa and G. Annis. 2007.
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  • Roberts, N. M., C.F. Rabeni, and J. S. Stanovick. 2007.
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  • Brewer, S. K., C. F. Rabeni and D. C. Heimann. 2006.
    The importance of day versus night fish sampling for instream flow determination. Proceedings, Annual Conference of Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 59:336-347.
  • Brewer, S. K. D. Papoulias, and C. F. Rabeni. 2006.
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  • Vokoun, J. C. and C. F. Rabeni. 2006.
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