Ahmed Balboula

Ahmed Balboula


Assistant Professor

Division of Animal Sciences

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Research Summary

The Balboula lab is interested in the relationship between the fidelity of oocyte meiosis and its impact on human health, agriculture and basic biology.

Dr. Balboula conducted his Ph.D. research in Japan (funded by Egypt-Japan Ph.D. Joint Supervision Program) and his postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers University. Dr. Balboula joined the University of Cambridge in the UK as a Marie Curie Fellow before starting his independent laboratory at the University of Missouri in 2019. 

Research conducted in the Balboula laboratory employs cutting-edge imaging technologies, transgenic mouse models and genetic approaches to understand the molecular mechanisms regulating mammalian oocyte meiosis and early embryonic development. Dr. Balboula has been recognized with several research awards, including the 2023 SSR Virendra B. Mahesh New Investigator Award.

Educational background

  • Ph.D., Mansoura University, Egypt and NARO, Japan
  • DVM, Mansoura University, Egypt

Courses taught

  • AN_SCI 4314: Physiology of Reproduction