At CAFNR, we are always here to help, and helping you figure out how to pay for your college education is no exception! The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources offers one of the strongest scholarship programs at Mizzou.

CAFNR scholarships are offered to residents of Missouri as the majority of our scholarship endowments are restricted by our donors to Missouri residents.

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Each year CAFNR awards more than $1.5 million in scholarships. This includes Study Abroad scholarships, Undergraduate Research Internship scholarships, and awards offered by specific CAFNR academic divisions/majors. Awards can range from $1,000 to $3,500 annually.

How to Apply for CAFNR Scholarships

Scholarships For Entering Freshmen (Starting in Fall) Scholarships For Transfer and Continuing Students

Deadline: Dec. 1 for entering freshmen; Jan. 7 for continuing and transfer students. PLEASE check the MU Financial Aid web page for up-to-date deadline information, including the FAFSA deadline.

Visit MU Financial Aid and follow the links to Scholarship Universe.

  • Make sure you select CAFNR (College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources) as your academic unit in Scholarship Universe.
  • You must complete the CAFNR General Application AY 2023-24 in Scholarship Universe to be considered for CAFNR scholarships in academic year 2024-25.
  • Even if you receive a CAFNR scholarship based on your status with the University as a Curators or Chancellors; you MUST complete the CAFNR General Application AY 2024-25 in Scholarship Universe to receive your CAFNR Scholarship for academic year 2024-25.
  • If you have any issues/questions with Scholarship Universe, contact MU Financial Aid.

CAFNR Student Loan Program

CAFNR offers an in-house student loan program. Available only to CAFNR students, this program provides additional financial support.

Loans made through the program have a maximum repayment period of seven years; interest rates vary. These loans are subsidized while you are enrolled, meaning no interest accrues until after you graduate or until your enrollment drops below half-time status.

For more information on the CAFNR Student Loan Program, contact the CAFNR Academic Programs Office at 573-882-8301.

For more information about financial aid, visit the MU Student Financial Aid website.

Thanks to our Generous Donors, CAFNR Offers $1.5 Million Each Year in Scholarships

Interested in making a gift to support CAFNR student scholarships? Contact CAFNR’s Advancement Office at 573-882-9003 or, or donate online.