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Ben Knapp Named Buddy Temple Visiting Scholar

Ben Knapp, associate professor in the School of Natural Resources, was named the first Buddy Temple Visiting Scholar through the T.L.L. Temple Foundation. The Temple Foundation first purchased a parcel of land in 1902, which is now part of the Boggy Slough Conservation Area (BSCA) in Lufkin, Texas.

To honor Buddy Temple, who acquired BSCA in 2013, the foundation named three programmatic elements of BSCA after him: The Buddy Temple Visiting Scholar, The Buddy Temple Graduate Fellow (graduate student), and the Buddy Temple Symposium.

Knapp was named as the first Buddy Temple Scholar. Through this opportunity, Knapp will partner with BSCA and conduct research that promotes natural regeneration of desired tree species while managing with prescribed fire. The visiting scholar program will occur over a two- year period. Knapp will make periodic trips to Texas to collect field research and work with managers at BSCA.

Justine Mucinski Receives Highly Competitive Dissertation Fellowship

Justine Mucinski, a PhD student in Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, received a highly competitive dissertation fellowship through the MU Graduate School for the 2021-2022 academic year. Mucinski is a senior graduate student in Elizabeth Parks’ lab. Mucinski will be completing experiments for her dissertation, “Quantifying Ceremide Synthesis in Vivo, Impact on Liver Health and Mitochondrial Function.”

Jamille Palacios Rivera receives the CWAE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

Jamille Palacios Rivera, assistant teaching professor of agricultural and applied economics, received the CWAE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award through the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA). The CWAE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award recognizes and celebrates individuals who have actively worked to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the applied economics profession and who have had a positive impact on students, colleagues and the culture of their department.

Rivera was recognized at the AAEA Annual Meeting luncheon on Monday, Aug. 2.

Jenna Fusinatto Wins Individual Category in Mizzou Brand Wagon Awards

Jenna Fusinatto, academic advisor in the School of Natural Resources, was recognized Aug. 16 in the individual category of the Mizzou Brand Wagon Awards for her work on the CAFNR Staff Advisory Council bi-monthly newsletter. Jenna transformed the newsletter using Mizzou Identity templates and gave it a fresh, updated black and gold look. She was nominated by fellow Staff Council member, Vicki Bryan.

CAFNR Communications Wins Mizzou Brand Wagon Award

The CAFNR Marketing and Communications team (L-R) Genevieve Howard, Reagan Brown, Ashley Craft, Kate Preston, Michelle Enger and (not pictured) Logan Jackson were recognized Aug. 16 as winners of the Mizzou Brand Wagon Award. Vice Chancellor and Dean Christopher Daubert also joined the surprise presentation. This award recognizes teams across campus who use Mizzou brand elements on their marketing and communication materials in strategic, thoughtful and innovative ways. Winning teams’ work will be featured on Mizzou Identity.

View the Brand Wagon submissions from CAFNR Communications!

Hank Stelzer Receives the SEC Visiting Faculty Travel Program Award

Hank Stelzer, associate professor in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri (MU) College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) was awarded the SEC Visiting Faculty Travel Program award. This award gives faculty from one SEC institution the opportunity to travel to another SEC campus to exchange ideas, develop grant proposals, and conduct research.

Stelzer was awarded $2,500 and travel for this year should take place by July 1, 2022.

He will be working with the University of Kentucky’s Forestry Extension team. Stelzer will be developing a social media campaign and supporting education resources to increase landowner awareness in the sustainable management of white oak forests and white oak timber assets in the Central Hardwood Region. This work aligns with the White Oak Initiative.

Keri Jacobs Testified During the State of Beef Supply Chain Hearing

Keri Jacobs, associate professor of agriculture and applied economics at the University of Missouri (MU) College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR), testified during the State of Beef Supply Chain: Shocks, Recovery and Rebuilding hearing organized by the U.S. House Ag Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture on Wednesday, July 28.

In her written testimony, Jacobs, who also serves as the GICL Distinguished Fellow and the MFA Chair in Agribusiness, addressed whether producer-ownership through co-ops or other collective action can be a way forward in the beef industry.

“Coordination along the supply chain by producers, when done at scale, can smooth variability in producer incomes by capturing income from downstream markets that are less volatile,” she wrote. “The income producers and their cooperatives generate will flow to the rural communities where they operate instead of to investors. Importantly, this model places producers closer to consumer markets and allows coordination between consumer preferences and production decisions.”

Jacobs’ full testimony can be found at


Henry Nguyen and Jianfeng Zhou publish a book titled High-Throughput Crop Phenotyping

Henry Nguyen, professor of plant sciences, and Jianfeng Zhou, assistant professor in agricultural systems technology, co-edited a book titled High-Throughput Crop Phenotyping. This book provides an overview of the innovations in crop phenotyping using emerging technologies, i.e., high-throughput crop phenotyping technology, including its concept, importance, breakthrough and applications in different crops and environments. Different applications of different organ levels (root, shoot and seed) of different crops (grains, soybean, maize, potato) at different growth environments are also discussed.

The book was published through Springer International Publisher Science and can be found online through Springer’s website.

Caio Canella Vieira Receives Developing Emerging Leaders and Talent in Agriculture (DELTA) Award

Caio Canella Vieira was awarded a grant of $3,000 through the Corteva Developing Emerging Leaders and Talent in Agriculture (DELTA) program. Corteva DELTA is a new program that supports students in STEM-related disciplines. The program has two phases, where students are first selected to participate in the Corteva DELTA Symposium and then one student from each discipline is selected to receive a scholarship. Recipients also get a chance to interact with Corteva’s leadership and scientists for a year.

Canella Vieira is now working towards a PhD at MU in plant, insect and microbial science, and is a soybean breeding research specialist at the Fisher Delta Research Center.

Agricultural Leadership, Communication and Education faculty receive Outstanding Research Presentation award

Agricultural Leadership, Communication and Education faculty, Adam Cletzer, Rebecca Mott, John Tummons, Jon Simonsen, Jaelyn Peckman and Kate Preston won Outstanding Research Presentation award at the national American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) Research Conference in May. The paper was titled Agricultural Leadership: A National Portrait of Undergraduate Courses.”

The paper evaluated undergraduate agricultural leadership courses taught at different universities throughout the country. The project team collected survey responses from AAAE institution members and reviewed over 100 course syllabi. The findings provide empirical data for discussion on the state of agricultural leadership programs nationwide.