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CAFNR Research Digest
CAFNR Office of Research Newsletter // February 27, 2020 // 2(4)
Research Highlights
Center for Agroforestry Podcast (click to read)
Center for Agroforestry Podcast »

Whether you’re new to agroforestry or you’re a seasoned professional expanding your knowledge base, the Center for Agroforestry’s podcast series is a source for learning and inspiration. The podcast explores topics ranging from forest farming medicinal plants and mushrooms, to soil and water conservation with hedgerows and buffers, and everything in between.

H.E. “Hank” Stelzer receives 2020 Karkhagne Award (click to read)
H.E. “Hank” Stelzer receives 2020 Karkhagne Award »

H.E. “Hank” Stelzer, associate professor in the School of Natural Resources and state forestry Extension specialist, received the 2020 Karkhagne Award for outstanding service to professional forestry and to the Missouri Society of American Foresters.

Graduate Student Spotlight
Savannah Burnett, Division of Plant Sciences (click to read)
Savannah Burnett, Division of Plant Sciences

What is your research focus?
My research is focused on the 4Rs (right source, right place, right time, and right rate) of nitrogen fertilizers in a corn-soybean rotation in northeast Missouri. Within my research I am evaluating nitrogen losses through nitrous oxide gaseous loss and ammonia volatilization as well as evaluating crop response and nutrient loss to free drained and non-drained plots in a poorly drained soil.

Why does this field interest you?
The many opportunities and the interdisciplinary nature of agriculture piqued my interests early on in my collegiate career. I know that I will always have a job, and in life I know that I wish to be fulfilled with whatever I choose to do. I find comfort knowing that a life spent working in the field of agriculture will be a life well spent.

Why did you decide to come to Mizzou?
The many opportunities that were presented within Mizzou and CAFNR made the decision of coming to Mizzou after high school extremely easy. Growing up 20 minutes from Columbia, I always had Mizzou as a first choice, and once I discovered my passion for agriculture, I knew it had to be CAFNR.

Who is your advisor?
Kelly Nelson – Greenley Research Center

What are your future career plans?
My future career plans are not concrete with still having a year left in my program; however, my aspirations are to start out in a technical agronomist role that deals directly in research and development.

Research Roars

CAFNR faculty members have received the following recent grants (listed by Principal Investigator):

Alba Argerich, Lakes of Missouri volunteer program, 4/1/2020-3/31/2021, $202,662, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Kerry Clark, SIL MRA2, 2/1/2019-3/31/2021, $151,188, University of Illinois System

David D. Diamond, Improving the Texas ecological mapping system (EMS) geodatabase for central and southern Texas coastal counties, 2/14/2020-8/31/2021, $128,000, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Deborah L. Finke, Screen Indigo’s microbial collection for effects on the western corn rootworm and maize, 12/2/2019-12/31/2020, $50,000, Indigo Ag

Megan Hall, Determining the impact of the endophytic microbiome on grape physiology, 10/1/2019-8/15/2022, $38,010, Missouri Department of Agriculture

Chung Ho Lin, Explore the economic opportunities and health benefits of the pawpaw in Missouri, 11/1/2019-10/31/2021, $46,689, Missouri Department of Agriculture

Matthew C. Lucy, Genotype and environment contributing to the sustainability of dairy cow production systems through the optimal integration of genomic selection and novel management protocols, 1/1/2014-12/31/2018, $103,430, European Commission

Jill Moreland, Assessing demand for Missouri specialty crops, 11/1/2019-10/31/2021, $25,088, Missouri Department of Agriculture

Rebecca North, Statewide lakes assessment project, 4/1/2020-3/31/2021, $201,231, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

James E. Schoelz, Impact of viruses on soluble sugar content in grapevine leaves, 11/1/2019-10/31/2021, $32,683, Missouri Department of Agriculture

Reid J. Smeda, Buffer distance impact on dicamba damage to potato, watermelon, tomato, 11/1/2019-10/31/2021, $49,853, Missouri Department of Agriculture

Michele Warmund, Optimizing cultivars and processing for hard cider and apple wines, 1/1/2020-2/28/2022, $33,410, Missouri Department of Agriculture

In the News

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Morning Ag Clips

MU’s CAFNR celebrates 150 years of education with Lt. Governor Kehoe

The header photo is from CAFNR’s Founding Day celebration on Monday, Feb. 24 — which marked 150 years to the day of our founding in 1870. There was a special proclamation ceremony in the Jesse Hall rotunda, with the following speakers: Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, who will also read a special proclamation; Latha Ramchand, provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs; Christopher Daubert, CAFNR vice chancellor and dean; and Tom Payne, CAFNR vice chancellor and dean emeritus.