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CAFNR Research Digest
CAFNR Office of Research Newsletter //August 27, 2020 // 2(16)
Feature Stories
George Washington Carver Graduate Fellows (click to read)
George Washington Carver Graduate Fellows

Three students were selected as George Washington Carver Graduate Fellows. Read each of their stories below:

Melody Muldrow
Nasruddeen (Nas) Al-Awwal
Nicole Terherst Amezcua

CAFNR Welcomes New Faculty (click to read)
CAFNR Welcomes New Faculty »

Our college introduces six faculty members this fall

Research Highlights
Meeting His Goals (click to read)
Meeting His Goals »

Ronald Revord earns grant for nearly $1 million to work with chestnut growers

Agricultural Research Centers
Fisher Delta Virtual Field Day - Aug. 28 (click to read)
Fisher Delta Virtual Field Day - Aug. 28 »

Instead of offering an in-person event, Fisher Delta will go virtual this year. They will offer a handful of online, prerecorded presentations that will be available via the Center’s website and Facebook page.

Bradford Virtual Field Day - Sept. 3 (click to read)
Bradford Virtual Field Day - Sept. 3 »

Bradford Research Center doesn’t typically host a traditional field day, but this year the Center will offer a virtual field day. It will include a handful of online, prerecorded presentations that will be available via the Center’s website and Facebook page.

Scheduled topics may include discussions on cover crops, Japanese beetles, soybean cyst nematodes and industrial hemp production.

Southwest Virtual Field Day - Sept. 10 (click to read)
Southwest Virtual Field Day - Sept. 10 »

The educational field day for Southwest Research Center will be virtual this year. Check back for the schedule of prerecorded presentations on a variety of topics debuting Thursday, Sept. 10.

Visit the links below to check out the first three Agricultural Research Center Virtual Field Days.

Research Roars

Samniqueka Halsey Publishes Letter in Nature Ecology and Evolution

Samniqueka Halsey, assistant professor in the School of Natural Resources and CAFNR Faculty Fellow, is the lead author on a letter published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. “Elevate, don’t assimilate, to revolutionize the experience of scientists who are Black, Indigenous and people of colour” (SharedIt PDF version) outlines suggestions for how minoritized individuals can not only survive but thrive in ecology and evolutionary biology. The letter’s authors, five Black women who started as doctoral students at the same university, used their shared experience to develop a list of eight strategies. The strategies include: expect and use external support, build your community and reframe academic privilege. Read more about the letter here:

IPG Graduate Student and Postdoc Receive Awards for CROPS Seminar Presentations

Several graduate students and postdocs from the Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG) participated in the regional CROPS virtual seminar series over the summer. It was organized by graduate students and postdocs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Two students were presented awards by Dr. Ed Cahoon, Director of University of Nebraska’s Center for Plant Innovation. The awards are for the best Graduate Student and Postdoc Presentations. The student award recipients included:

Shannon King – (Peck, Fritschi and Sharp labs) was awarded the First Place Award for Graduate Student Presentation.
Jian Kang – (Sharp and Oliver labs) was awarded the Third Place Award for Postdoc Presentation.

Tips for Proofreading Your Next Grant Application

Developing a proofreading strategy can improve the quality of your grant application. Check out the tips below:

  1. Enlist content proofreaders early in the process – focus on macro issues such as the organization of narrative sections or the logical flow.
  2. Develop a master checklist – ensure that you include everything that is required.
  3. Give your application a grade – identify any weak areas.
  4. Enlist a proofreader late in the process – focus on micro issues, such as sentence structure and typos.

See more information.

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Ask a Master Gardener: As weather turns cooler, plant radishes

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Specialty farmers honored as Pettis County Farm Family of the Year

Sedalia Democrat

Sunflowers were bountiful at a handful of CAFNR Agricultural Research Centers recently. Guests were invited to take pictures and enjoy the flowers at the South Farm and Bradford Research Centers (Columbia, Mo.), as well as the Hundley-Whaley Research Center (Albany, Mo.). The header photo showcases sunflowers at South Farm.