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CAFNR Office of Academic Programs Newsletter // Sept. 2020
CAFNR Fall Round-Up
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Each year, the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources invites freshmen and transfer students to learn more about the various CAFNR clubs and organizations during the CAFNR Fall Round-Up event. CAFNR was able to hold this year’s event, following Mizzou’s Show Me Renewal plan for social distancing, at the Trowbridge Event Center. More than 250 students and 20 clubs registered for the event, which was held Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Are You Career Ready?

CAFNR Career Services is continuing its mission to help students find fulfilling internships, full-time jobs, and pursue professional and graduate school in 2020, offering many of its services in an online format. One of the biggest changes this fall was the CAFNR/A&S Career Fair, which was offered online on Sept. 16, and was open to all Mizzou students. Those students were able to use the Career Fair Plus App to schedule online appointments with employers and participating organizations. More than 90 organizations shared potential internship and job opportunities during the virtual event.

Where Will You Go?
Get to Know Shanon Dickerson, CAFNR Director of Study Abroad (click to read)
Get to Know Shanon Dickerson, CAFNR Director of Study Abroad »

Catch up with CAFNR Study Abroad! Students and faculty can chat with CAFNR Director of Study Abroad Shanon Dickerson by scheduling an appointment on MU Connect. Dickerson has already met with students through the MU Virtual Study Abroad Fair, which was held on Sept. 9, and the CAFNR/A&S Career Fair held on Sept. 16.

RISE Initiative
Developing Student Leaders (click to read)
Developing Student Leaders »

Litton Leadership Scholars Program offers students a chance to grow as leaders

Degree Spotlight: Agricultural Education

Our Agricultural Education program combines agriculture with working with people. This program shapes the next generation’s understanding of agriculture and its role in society. Students learn how to use communication and human relation skills to obtain leadership roles in many agricultural industries. Successful Agricultural Education students have a strong interest in agriculture and a talent for working with people. Our graduates teach, communicate, lead and grow people in the agricultural industry using the technical, human and conceptual skills they improve through their undergraduate program. Popular careers include agriculture teacher, public relations specialist, strategic communications specialist, workforce development trainer, commodity organization representative, governmental agriculture specialist and youth specialist.

Q&A With Paxton Dahmer, Agricultural Education (click to read)
Q&A With Paxton Dahmer, Agricultural Education

Why did you decide to come to the University of Missouri and major in agricultural education? What do you enjoy about the program itself? The field of study?

I came to the University of Missouri to major in Agricultural Education and Leadership because of the professors in the program and my love for agricultural education. Initially, I was preparing for a teaching certificate, but I eventually transferred to the leadership sector. I realized that the leadership degree allows me to have flexibility in my schedule, so I’m learning about a wide variety of agricultural industries. I know that with this degree, I’ll be employable in many different sectors of the agricultural industry. I enjoy the support that students get from the professors in this program. With the open-door policy, students can stop by their professor’s office at any point and seek anything from course advising to life advice. Our professors genuinely care about the success and well-being of students.

How have you used resources in the CAFNR Academic Programs Office (student services, career services, advising, study abroad)? What was your experience like?  

We’re extremely lucky in CAFNR to have the resources that we do. With every turn, you’ll find someone that is invested in your time in CAFNR and wants to see you succeed. My advisor, Dr. (John) Tummons, has been extremely influential during my time in CAFNR. There is power in availability, and he works tirelessly to make himself available to all students. I’ve also used CAFNR Career Services a great deal. They’ve helped connect me to internships, as well as helping fine-tune my interview skills.

CAFNR’s RISE Initiative encourages students to have a variety of extracurricular experiences during their time at Mizzou (Research, International, Service Learning, Experiential Learning). What parts of the RISE initiative have you taken advantage of so far, and which do you plan to? What have you enjoyed about these experiences?

I’ve been fortunate to take advantage of the Research and Experiential Learning phases of the RISE Initiative. Through the Department of Agricultural Education and Leadership, I’ve been able to participate in an undergraduate research and curriculum development project. We’re putting together curriculum for middle and high school students that focuses on developing empathy towards those experiencing food insecurity. Our goal is to help students understand the implications and prevalence of food insecurity so that they’re intentional about developing projects that will help ease the burden of food insecurity in their own community. This has not only added meaning to my education, but it has helped me connect with others across the University of Missouri that have similar interests. I’ve also been able to actively engage in the experiential learning process through my classes. I’ve engaged in labs that give me the opportunity to take the information that I’ve gained and put it to work. I am confident that this has helped me develop a deeper and more thorough understanding of the material I’ve learned in class.

What has been your favorite activity or experience of being a CAFNR student?

My favorite experience in CAFNR has been the CAFNR Career Connections trip during Thanksgiving Break in 2019. We travelled to Arkansas and toured Tyson, Simmons Foods and Schreiber Foods. The trip, sponsored by CAFNR Career Services, allowed me to not only make connections with industry professionals, but it gave me the opportunity to learn about different aspects of agriculture. I was fascinated by the operations that we toured, and it opened my eyes to the many opportunities that a career in agriculture can bring. I recommend that all students check out the trips Career Services offers; you certainly won’t regret them.

Student Recruitment
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CAFNR’s student enrollment has a positive trend upward for the first time since 2016, including 602 new students, a 5.2 percent increase from F19. Graph key: CONT (continued students); FTC (first time college students); TR (transfer students).

Student Success
CAFNR Fall Welcome (click to read)
CAFNR Fall Welcome

We are thrilled that approximately 460 new students attended CAFNR’s Fall Welcome on Friday, Aug. 21. Groups were divided by major to spread out attendance throughout the day. Roughly 75 percent of the college’s new freshmen and transfer students enjoyed Buck’s Tiger Stripe ice cream and received a professional padfolio sponsored by the CAFNR Alumni Association. Students heard from CAFNR Vice Chancellor and Dean Christopher Daubert, Senior Associate Dean Bryan Garton and Student Council President Danyelle High to learn more about ways to safely get involved and maximize their CAFNR experience. Fall Welcome was the first major gathering in the Trowbridge Event Center, which has continued to host nearly 1,000 students each day.

New Funding Opportunity for CAFNR Clubs and Orgs

CAFNR will assist student clubs and organizations that foster the ideals of Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Compassion (IDEC) by providing financial support to student clubs and organizations. Visit the Clubs and Orgs page on the CAFNR website for details and how to apply.


The 2020 Sigma Alpha Sorority National Conclave was held virtually in August. The culmination of National Conclave came during the Emerald Banquet when chapters and sisters were recognized for their achievements. Mizzou is home to the Alpha Chi chapter of Sigma Alpha. The awards year covered June 1 – Dec. 31, 2019. Below are the 2019 National Award recipients from MU’s Alpha Chi chapter of Sigma Alpha:

  • Outstanding Leader: Rhiannen Schneider – 2nd place
  • Outstanding Service: 1st place
  • Outstanding Leadership: 2nd place
  • Founders’ Cup: 2nd place
  • Emerald Chapter