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CAFNR Office of Academic Programs Newsletter // March 2021
Graduation and Commencement
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The University of Missouri and CAFNR are working very hard to plan safe and meaningful in-person commencement celebrations for both 2020 and 2021 graduates. The 2020 graduates will be invited to participate in a ceremony the weekend of April 24 and 25. May and August 2021 CAFNR graduates will be divided into three ceremonies, all occurring on Saturday, May 15. More details can be found on the Graduation and Commencement webpage.

Feature Stories
MU Celebrates Henry Kirklin with Dedication of Learning Lab (click to read)
MU Celebrates Henry Kirklin with Dedication of Learning Lab »

State-of-the-art lab is the latest MU effort to raise awareness of the university’s first Black teacher

A Spirit of Service (click to read)
A Spirit of Service »

CAFNR students honored as Mizzou 18 and ‘39 recipients

Where Will You Go?
Go Global! (click to read)
Go Global! »

International Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR 2191) is an online course that meets this fall from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays to study the art, culture, language and history of the countries where CAFNR offers programs. Students can enroll today to connect with other study abroad students, meet international industrial partners and faculty, and prepare for a future study abroad adventure. Email Shanon Dickerson ( with any questions.


CAFNR is offering numerous international summer program opportunities. Contact Shanon Dickerson ( for more information or with any questions.

Virtual Global Internships in Australia & Costa Rica
Summer 2021 (March 24 Application Deadline)

Do you want to learn and intern while adding an international dimension to your degree? CAFNR offers virtual summer internships in Australia and Costa Rica where students can broaden their career opportunities and expand their worldview!

Experience Sports in Spain!
Summer 2021 (April 1 Application Deadline)

Gain a global vision of the dynamic, diverse, and quickly changing sports industry in Spain! Home to the 1992 Olympic Games and the famous Barça soccer team, Barcelona is an ideal place to study Sports Management. Enjoy the chance to lose yourself in the culture and heritage this impressive city has to offer.

Intern in France!
Summer 2021 (April 15 Application Deadline)

Enjoy the cuisine, museums, basilicas and canals of picturesque France. Come for the agriculture, viticulture and cultural experience. Stay for an internship at the farm or vineyard of a local family to fully encounter both the rural and urban sides of France.

Discover Italy!
Summer 2021 (May 11 Application Deadline)

Are you interested in studying Restaurant Management and Italian culture in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Travel to Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region, to learn and intern in hospitality while exploring the history, architecture and gastronomy of Italy.

RISE Initiative
Gaining a New Perspective (click to read)
Gaining a New Perspective »

Abigail Turner has gained valuable insights through study abroad experiences

Degree Spotlight: Food Science and Nutrition

From creating functional foods that support your health and also taste good, to developing packaging that protects food from pathogens, the Food Science and Nutrition degree prepares future food scientists for a variety of careers focused on ensuring the foods that fill your shopping cart are safe, nutritious and delicious.

Q&A With Toyin Jackson, Food Science and Nutrition (click to read)
Q&A With Toyin Jackson, Food Science and Nutrition

Why did you decide to come to the University of Missouri and major in food science and nutrition? What do you enjoy about the program itself? The field of study?

The initial reason I was drawn to the University of Missouri was because I was selected to be in the inaugural class of MU Stamps Scholars through the Honors College. I visited campus during my latter years of high school, specifically the food science program and Dr. (Ingolf) Gruen. What stuck out to me during that visit was the program’s level of autonomy and the freedom to carve out your own path however you choose. During my years at MU, my interests went from wanting to be a food scientist and work in labs to developing a deep passion for the interplay between food and culture, which I plan to carry out through a food marketing and brand management career.

How have you used resources in the CAFNR Academic Programs Office (student services, career services, advising, study abroad)? What was your experience like?  

I remember going to many meetings with my academic advisor(s) to arrange semester classes and configure schedules. They were great with working with me when I studied abroad in Barcelona my sophomore year. I found my program through the International Center, but CAFNR worked alongside them to get my Gastronomy and Food Culture program green-lighted and to get my transfer courses approved. It was a great experience overall.

CAFNR’s RISE Initiative encourages students to have a variety of extracurricular experiences during their time at Mizzou (Research, International, Service Learning, Experiential Learning). What parts of the RISE initiative have you taken advantage of so far, and which do you plan to? What have you enjoyed about these experiences?

I took advantage of the research and international experiences Mizzou offers. During my freshman and sophomore year, I did research with a graduate student (Alan “Patric” McClure) in the Food Chemistry Lab. He was a chocolatier and was doing a three-year research project that brought innovation to his business. I learned so much about food chemistry and about food businesses. My sophomore year was when I did my abroad program in Barcelona and that taught me a lot about my passions and what I want to do with my career.

What has been your favorite activity or experience of being a CAFNR student?

My favorite experience was probably my study abroad semester, which I’ve mentioned a few times in previous answers. I participated in a Gastronomy and Food Culture program at a top university in Barcelona called CETT. It was the most amazing 16 weeks ever. I was enrolled in two traditional Catalan cooking classes, a history of food culture course, and a wine and beverage sommelier class. It was a school filled with international students and teachers, so I met tons of people from around the world and learned from some of the best professors in the industry. I ate amazing European food for four months, traveled to eight different countries, and learned a lot about myself. It was the semester of a lifetime.