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Faculty & Staff Newsletter // June 2020
Feature Stories
Contributing to Research (click to read)
Contributing to Research »

Center for Agroforestry looks at research opportunities related to COVID-19 pandemic

Gathering Preliminary Data (click to read)
Gathering Preliminary Data »

FAPRI provides early analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on agricultural markets in the U.S.

Catch Up With CAFNR
Catch Up With CAFNR (click to read)
Catch Up With CAFNR »

A photo gallery of CAFNR happenings

Cultivating Diversity & Inclusion

CAFNR and its academic units support underrepresented minority students through groups like Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS); CAFNR Connections; and a new peer-mentoring program – launching this fall – to enhance student of color success and retention. The mission of MANRRS is to promote academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. To learn more about Mizzou’s chapter of MANRRS, contact Dr. Charles Nilon, CAFNR Connections is an opportunity for students of color in CAFNR to gather informally, engage in conversation and share their voice. For more information on CAFNR Connections, contact Addison Byrne,

The new peer-mentoring program, COMPASS (CAFNR’s Opportunity for Minorities: Promoting and Achieving Student Success), will promote academic success, persistence, and successful graduation of participating students. The program will match incoming historically underrepresented freshmen and transfer students with returning students who will serve as their mentors for an 8-week formal program to help students meet their educational goals. Contact Dr. Samniqueka Halsey for more information on COMPASS. You can reach her at

CAFNR Community
Q&A With Teresa Davis (click to read)
Q&A With Teresa Davis »

Davis is the senior executive assistant in the CAFNR Office of Vice Chancellor and Dean

Coming Soon

Be part of CAFNR history!

Staff Council is creating a time capsule of CAFNR’s 150th birthday, as this year has been a unique one. Take the three-question survey to place your submission in the virtual time capsule. Respond by Aug. 1. 


This month we recognize the following faculty and staff members for their years of service to Mizzou!

  • Kevin Moore, associate professor, Applied Social Sciences, celebrated 35 years of service May 1.
  • Jaewoo Kim, research assistant professor, Animal Science, celebrated 15 years of service May 1.
  • Gerald Miller, Jr., associate professor, Plant Sciences, celebrated 10 years of service May 1.
  • Brent Booker, senior agriculture associate, Hugo Wurdack Research Center, celebrated 40 years of service May 11.
  • Johanna Nelson, research lab technician, Plant Sciences, celebrated five years of service May 11.
  • Joshua Dakota, senior research lab technician, Plant Sciences, celebrated five years of service May 12.
  • Logan Howard, office support assistant IV, Bioengineering, celebrated 15 years of service May 16.
  • Kevin Melrose, agriculture associate I, MO-AES Field Operations, celebrated five years of service on May 18.
  • Tammy Carmichael, office support assistant IV, Applied Social Sciences, celebrated 40 years of service May 19.
  • Rebekah Schnell, office support assistant IV, Ag Extension/Animal Science, celebrated five years of service May 26.
  • Ranjith Udawatta, research professor, School of Natural Resources, celebrated 30 years of service May 28.