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A Day at The World Food Prize

CAFNR delegation makes its mark on international food security symposium

Norman Borlaug — a renowned agronomist, wheat geneticist and humanitarian — founded The World Food Prize in 1986 as a way to recognize the accomplishments of people throughout the world who have bettered mankind by increasing the quantity, quality and availability of food throughout the world. At its founding, it was intended to be a Nobel Prize of sorts for food…

The World Beyond Their Own

Inaugural Missouri Youth Institute to broaden perspective of high school students, provide path to World Food Prize

Out of all the people Willi Meyers could have sat next to at a meal session at the 2014 World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa, a high school student from Eldon, Missouri, certainly seemed like an improbable scenario. Meyers, who serves as the director of CAFNR International Programs, was stunned to bump into Holly Enowksi, a junior from Eldon High School,…