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Where Science and Agriculture Intersect: Life Sciences Quest 2023

Life Sciences Quest gave high schoolers from across Missouri the opportunity to preview CAFNR's scientific opportunities 

Life Sciences Quest 2023 was held July 9-13 in partnership with the Missouri Department of Agriculture to help high school students learn about the intersection of science careers and agriculture in our daily lives. Rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors participated in University of Missouri research farm tours, hands-on lab activities, and professional panel discussions during the four-day camp.…

A Huge Opportunity

Updated WAV Lab provides unique opportunities for meteorology students

When the University of Missouri announced funding opportunities last year to enhance teaching and learning across campus, Eric Aldrich jumped at the chance, submitting a proposal to upgrade one of the School of Natural Resources’ meteorology laboratories. Aldrich, an assistant teaching professor of atmospheric science, secured $100,000 – and immediately used the funds to update the Weather Analysis and Visualization…