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TV Business Honor

Fu-hung Hsieh's chicken alternative recognized by CNN

The company that distributes a meat alternative created by Fu-hung Hsieh, professor of biological engineering at Mizzou’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, is among CNN’s top 10 list of companies to watch.

Analogue Honor

Fu-hung Hsieh recognized by food industry group

Fu-hung Hsieh was honored at the Institute of Food Technologist’s Annual Meeting & Food Expo.

Still Soy Good for You

New research shows vegetable oil remains healthy for humans

A worry that a diet high in vegetable oil triggers inflammation and chronic disease in humans is not supported by scientific testing on humans.

Savage Chicken

Missouri factory to make CAFNR-developed soy chicken product

A soy-based chicken substitute developed by Fu-Hung Hsieh, a professor of biological engineering at the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Missouri, will soon be manufactured just a few miles from where it was developed.

The Chicken That Isn’t

MU soy chicken to hit commercial market

A food company will use CAFNR research to launch a new food product that not only tastes like chicken, but chews like it, too.

A Big Advance for the Little Soybean

Mapping the plant's genetic code could yield healthier and more plentiful food

While it probably won’t get the attention that the human genome, cow genome or even the cat genome got, the identification of the 46,000+ genes in the soybean genome could be a big deal in a world hungry for more and better food, a cleaner environment and better products. As announced in the January issue of Nature magazine, a team…

Friendly bacteria help with healthy soy diet

First soy bar to add probiotics eases common intestinal problems

Soy is considered a healthy addition to a diet, but sometimes it is not easy on the stomach. Now, a University of Missouri researcher believes she has the answer: freeze-dried probiotic microcapsules.