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A Closer Look at Soil

New model improves Predictive Farm Management

DuPont, CAFNR and USDA will pool soil-mapping resources, predictive technologies and expertise to help growers improve crop yields.

Safeguarding our Soil

Study at Hundley-Whaley Research Center looks at the future of cover crops to help improve our soils

One of the next revolutions in agriculture may not be a piece of equipment, a new crop or technology. It involves being better stewards of the ground below our feet. “Paying attention to the health of our soil and soil structure is going to be key in the future,” said Bruce Burdick, superintendent of Hundley-Whaley Research Center. “One way to…

Healthy Soil and People

To CAFNR's William Albrecht, there was more to dirt than crops

William Albrecht is remembered as the foremost researcher on soil quality and human health. He drew direct connections between poor quality forage crops and ill health in livestock and people.

Test Your Dirt

Project boosts drought tolerance through soil health

Farmers and homeowners can get free testing at the Organic Field Day Aug. 1 at the Bradford Research Center.

Our Most Precious Resource

Taking the long view for sustaining Missouri's soils

Peter Scharf discusses the status of Missouri’s topsoil, changes in erosion pressures and how Missouri farmers can sustain the resource for generations.

Parched Deep

There'll be at least two more years of drought -- six feet down

Even if the Midwest gets normal rain and snow, it will take almost two years for soil moisture deep in the earth to recharge and sustain normal crop growth, said a soil scientist.

Restoring the Earth

Biomass crops can benefit marginal soils

Bioenergy crops can be a good match for areas of fields that have lost productivity. Crops such as switchgrass and miscanthus can help soil, improve water quality and provide alternative revenue.

Gnawing Problem

Checking for termites can prevent big issues in the future

The mouth of a termite might be small, but an infestation can take a big bite out of a home if left undetected. “They feed one bite at a time, but because there can be hundreds of thousands or millions in a colony, that damage can build up over months or years,” said Richard Houseman, associate professor of Plant Sciences…

Pining for Economic Opportunity

Pine straw can be great mulch and boost for Missouri landowners

Research at the Horticulture and Agroforestry Research Center (HARC) could yield new a new crop for Missouri landowners.

Agricultural Time Capsule

Predicting the effects of biofuel production by mining 120 years of agriculture research

Randall Miles, associate professor of soil science at the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, is part of an international consortium of scientists assessing and predicting these effects before biomass planting and harvesting is initiated. Unfortunately, they don’t have decades to set up experiments and gather data.