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The Ups and Downs of Missouri Weather

Cooler temperatures, 15 inches of snow expected in mid-Missouri

The only consistency in Missouri’s weather seems to be its inconsistency. Due to its landlocked nature, Missouri experiences a variety of climate conditions. Long-term forecasting, an already difficult science, is even tougher in Missouri considering its location in the middle of the United States. “Long-term forecasting is tough for Missouri because if you look at the typical pattern that resides…

Cooler Temperatures Expected This Winter

Expected snowfall between 15 and 20 inches

Temperatures have started to cool and coats and sweatshirts have been pulled out of the closets. Tony Lupo, University of Missouri professor of atmospheric science, said those coats could get a lot of use this winter, as it could be a tad cooler than the average. “I’m thinking it’s going to be a little colder than normal,” Lupo said. “This…