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A Growth Mindset

CAFNR’s Center for Regenerative Agriculture leading the way in soil regeneration efforts across the country

The CAFNR Center for Regenerative Agriculture (CRA) recently received the largest grant in University of Missouri history – $25 million to help farmers adopt climate-smart practices that will ultimately help them improve the resiliency of their crops and livestock. In addition, they are also part of a $95 million award as part of the same grant program – Partnerships for…

$25 Million MU Grant to Help Farmers Adopt Climate-Smart Practices

USDA award is the largest federal research, education and extension grant ever awarded to an MU faculty member

In recent years, floods, droughts and other severe weather have significantly impacted farmers throughout the country. In an effort to help farmers adapt to the changing climate, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded the University of Missouri $25 million – the largest federal research, education and extension grant ever awarded to MU – from the Partnerships for…

Diving Deeper Into Regenerative Agriculture

CAFNR, partners forming Center for Regenerative Agriculture

The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) is going to dive deeper into regenerative agriculture by forming a new Center for Regenerative Agriculture. While there is no single definition for regenerative agriculture, some key elements of the practice include increasing soil health and biodiversity, integrating a mix of conservation practices, and contributing to overall sustainability and…