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Golden Hoops

CAFNR student competes for spot on National Wheelchair Basketball Association Team

Carter Arey, parks, recreation and tourism student at MU, was chosen to compete for a spot on the National Wheelchair Basketball Association Team. He will be traveling to Colorado Springs, Co., May 28-June 2, to try out with 27 other athletes. Eighteen athletes will be chosen to play on the team.

Young Honor

Upah selected for parks and recreation fellowship

Jennifer Upah, teaching assistant and director of internships in the parks, recreation and tourism department of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, was selected for a 2012-2013 Young Professional Fellowship from the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA).

Happy Trails

Study shows property owners near the MKT Trail are pleased with it

A survey of land owners along the MKT Trail indicates that they are not only happy with the trail, but think their property is more valuable because of it.

A Journey to Diplomacy

PRT student receives fellowship to pursue international affairs

Xavier Billingsley, a Parks, Recreation and Tourism major at CAFNR, was awarded a 2013 Charles Rangel International Affairs Fellowship.

Sunny Makes Money

Don't like your electric bill? Build your own power station

Most people shrug and write a check after getting a high electricity bill. David Vaught, department chair of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, and his wife Dawn, took a different path. They set up their own power generating station to make their own electricity after paying a $500 invoice.

Boots on the Green

Jerry Hitzhusen collaborates to bring golf to veterans young and old

Jerry Hitzhusen, associate professor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, strives for inclusion through Boots on the Green golf program for veterans.

The Volunteer Tourist

Getting and giving the best in a vacation

Volunteer tourism is an emerging trend in the travel industry. Here, tourists engage in some sort of volunteerism in addition to typical vacation activities. Volunteer tourists might build schools or homes in developing countries, or even provide medical care, as part of their trips.