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A Man for All Seasons

Tom Payne reflects on his time as vice chancellor and dean, the relationships he built along the way

Everyone knows about the smiley face. It is part of the brand of Vice Chancellor and Dean Tom Payne. Looking at all of the related memorabilia in his office, one can see how the symbol has become synonymous with his infectious optimism and enthusiasm he has used over the past 18 years to help guide the College of Agriculture, Food and…

‘The Gift of Curiosity’

Longtime CAFNR professor to be honored for work done both in the classroom and in city government

For Rex Campbell, the questions never stop. They appear in his mind with clockwork regularity, urging him to seek out new information — or a new understanding of old information — in a way that belies his 85 years of age. Campbell has spent a total of 68 years either studying or teaching at the University of Missouri. “You can take me…