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CAFNR Grad’s Photographs Show Love of Farming

Donated corneas give Tyler Mudd a vision for the future

University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources graduate Tyler Mudd sees farming through a different lens. He photographs everyday farm events with a keen eye for detail and lighting. Mudd wasn’t always able to see the beauty of the land tilled by four generations of Mudd farmers in Monroe County. He spent his freshman year of high…

Learning Through Seeing

Chris Starbuck blends his love of photography and nature

Chris Starbuck has found success blending his long term passions for photography and plants.

Seeing Beauty in Science

To Peter Sutovsky, there's more under a microscope than just data

Sutovsky also sees and captures the beauty of his subjects and shares the images. His colorful cell images have been featured at the Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium, as well as other art shows locally and nationally.