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Taking Risk

Abed Rabbani is an assistant professor in personal financial planning (PFP)

Measuring financial risk tolerance is not always simple as many over or underestimate their true risk tolerance. What does this mean for investors and financial planners? That’s where the research of University of Missouri professor is coming in. Abed Rabbani, assistant professor in personal financial planning (PFP), teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the department, along with performing research in…

Faces of CAFNR: Personal Financial Planning

Introducing the faculty members from PFP

PFP faculty members joined the CAFNR family earlier this year! Learn more about them as we introduce our new colleagues in Personal Financial Planning. Starla Ivey What is your role/title? Instructor and graduate program coordinator What do you enjoy most about working in Mizzou’s PFP program? I love when students hit the “aha” moment when all starts to make sense,…

Q&A With Rylee Page

Page is a senior in personal financial planning

Why did you decide to come to the University of Missouri and major in personal financial planning? What do you enjoy about the program itself? The field of study? I came to Mizzou with little idea of what I really wanted to major in. After researching programs offered at Mizzou, I discovered personal financial planning. I have a passion for…