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Senior Spotlight: Angela and Maggie McNay

Angela and Maggie McNay will graduate with degrees in parks, recreation and sport

Sports played a massive role in the lives of twin sisters Angela and Maggie McNay growing up. The twin sisters loved to compete, and they were both big fans of University of Missouri athletics. Having Norm Stewart and Mike Anderson as family friends didn’t hurt, either. Already enamored with sports, friendships with Stewart and Anderson ignited that passion further. “We…

Senior Spotlight: Kris Glover

Glover will graduate with a degree in parks, recreation and sport

A tuition increase at his previous university led Kris Glover to consider other educational opportunities. His twin sister help bring Glover to the University of Missouri. “When I decided to transfer, I really wanted to find a place where I would be the most successful,” Glover said. “My sister shared all of the great things that she had been able…