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An Untapped Industry

Putting Maple on the Map in the Lower Midwest

Maple syrup production is most known in the Northeastern United States, but is there a potential maple industry in the lower Midwest? Hannah Hemmelgarn, assistant program director of the Center for Agroforestry, recently received a grant totaling $473,481 for the project, Putting Maple on the Map in the Lower Midwest, to explore just that. This project involves partners in Missouri…

Learning on Different Levels

New outreach program teaches CAFNR students to make plant science knowledge accessible to a younger audience

Although abundant light was shining through the windows, it was the quiet before the storm. Andrew Ludwig, a University of Missouri sophomore majoring in plant sciences, surveyed the small tables and chairs spread out before him in the laboratory of the Benton STEM Elementary School on a recent Monday afternoon. He sifted through his notes. He was ready, even though…

Sharing the Stage

National community engagement academy inducts CAFNR assistant dean

If Mary Leuci had a favorite proposition, it would definitely be the word “with.” When discussing the concept of community engagement and the role it plays at the University of Missouri and the surrounding community, she gives the word a special emphasis. “Engagement is really about how the University engages with the community for mutually beneficial reasons and it’s not…

Planting Pollinators

Southern Boone students help with native seeding

On November 9 students from Southern Boone Elementary in Ashland joined researchers and other volunteers at Bradford Research Center for the planting of a new native pollinators plot.