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Keeping It Simple

Good grazing practices, strict protocols lead to success of heifer replacement program

Denis Turner, of Hartville, keeps his southwestern Missouri heifer replacement operation simple. For the most part, it is one man for 500 to 1,000 heifers at Turner’s Heifer Haven, a pasture-based operation where Turner raises heifers for others. “Make sure every task can be carried out by one person,” Turner says. “Two-man jobs are accomplished on time only about half…

The Trace Elements of Longevity

Biochemistry department icon continues to conduct experiments as he approaches his 100th birthday

What is the secret to maintaining the mental and intellectual fortitude to conduct experiments at age 99? The story of Boyd O’Dell, professor emeritus of Biochemistry, may lend some answers to that question, as the man of the hour prepares to celebrate his 100th birthday. Repetition, for one. He’s been on the University of Missouri campus for the better part of 79 years,…

As Heard on Insight: ’Tis the Season to Snack

Pair of protein researchers offer simple tips to avoid overeating during the holidays

Did you miss the first airing of the second installment of our new Insight series? LISTEN NOW to the program or to the extended version of the interview. Just as the holiday season comes around every year, so does the same dilemma: How to enjoy food with family and friends while still not packing on extra pounds from indulging in a…

Keeping it In-house

New air system designed by MU researchers pays big dividends to CAFNR alumnus, other farmers

It is 1 in the morning and a winter storm is rolling through that could easily cause a huge down swing of the temperature of your poultry barn where thousands of turkeys reside. What do you do? If you’re Austin Kliethermes, nothing. That’s because he has the state-of-the-art Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) system installed inside the starter house of his…

A Good Breakfast Every Day

Breakfast skippers should gradually increase morning protein intake

Teens who eat breakfast occasionally or habitually skip the meal experience poor metabolic response when they do start a consistent breakfast routine.

More Protein, Less Diabetes

A good breakfast controls glucose and insulin in women

Women have even more reason to take time for a good breakfast. University of Missouri research shows women who eat protein before work have less chance of developing diabetes.

Still Soy Good for You

New research shows vegetable oil remains healthy for humans

A worry that a diet high in vegetable oil triggers inflammation and chronic disease in humans is not supported by scientific testing on humans.

Partnering for improved nutrition

MU interdisciplinary team works to improve nutrition and access to healthy foods

Biting into a fresh tomato or enjoying the crisp sweetness of an apple are pleasures that not everyone always gets to enjoy. While the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables is well-documented, and although the local food industry has grown tremendously in the last several years, access to nutritious, local produce is not something that’s readily available to everyone with a limited income.

Healthy Ice Cream?

MU scientists study how to add nutrients such as fiber and pro-biotics to frozen desserts

Ice cream researchers at the University of Missouri , who have been making ice cream tastier for more than a century, are working to make ice cream into a functional food, adding nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants and pro-biotics to premium ice cream.