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A Critical Site

Greenley Research Center playing a vital role in soybean research

Andrew Scaboo has led the Northern Missouri Soybean Breeding Program since he joined the University of Missouri as a senior research scientist in 2012. Now an assistant research professor, Scaboo continues to dedicate his time to the breeding program, which focuses on variety development, testing and release. Scaboo conducts yield testing at six locations throughout Missouri, including the Greenley Research…

Sharing Soybean Success

Andrew Scaboo brings soybean research to all regions of Missouri

This story also appears in our University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Agricultural Research Center Magazine. Stop by your local Research Center to pick up a copy! Few people can respect the vast differences between soil types across Missouri and what it takes to grow crops in those unique settings. Andrew Scaboo is one such person.…