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After Hours: (Teach You How To) Sing the Blues

Animal Sciences assistant professor uses music to teach history

Not long ago, Columbia was segregated. Reminders can be found throughout the city. From a plaque on the side of the Missouri Theater describing their former segregated policies beneath the words “Lest We Forget. Never Again!” in bold letters, to Eliot Battle Elementary, named after a man who helped to integrate Columbia public schools. Reminders of this American past can…

After Hours: Marching On

Music has been a mainstay in Christopher Daubert's life

A talented musician, Harlan Daubert made sure all seven of his children developed an understanding and appreciation for music. Daubert served as the band director in the Northern Lebanon School District in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, for 37 years, taking his marching bands across the nation to perform. His passion for music made an impression on son Christopher, who began playing the…

Where Music and Science Meet

Family celebrates their son's love of music and biochemistry by creating a scholarship in his memory

Kyle Major had written the preceding words in a draft application for graduate school, after earning a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Missouri in 2002. When first starting to reflect about her son, Kim Major opens with a statement that mirrors that of Kyle’s: “From the time he was born, practically, he had a thirst for…

A Noteworthy Pastime

Plant sciences professor makes music with band comprised of MU faculty members

  It all started in a neighborhood park in 2009, when Peter Scharf, a nutrient management extension specialist in MU’s Division of Plant Sciences, hopped on stage to perform at an open mic event with another MU faculty member at Rock Quarry Park in Columbia. The following year, a guitarist joined them, and this time they invited the entire neighborhood…

M2AB is Music to Their Lives

CAFNR faculty part of Marching Mizzou Alumni Band

Johanna Reed Adams, John Tummons and other Mizzou alumni have found a fun way to support their alma mater.