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As Heard on Insight: Cleaning Up Food Waste

Bradford's closed-loop system is using food waste to produce compost

Did you miss the first airing of the twelfth installment of our new Insight series? LISTEN NOW to the program or to the extended version of the interview. The Tomato Festival is one of the most popular events at the Bradford Research Center. More than 1,000 people flock to the event, which includes tomato and pepper tasting. The festival also led to a unique…

Closing the loop

From food waste to compost to fresh vegetables, an innovative recycling program launches at Bradford Research Center

Tim Reinbott, superintendent of Bradford Research Center, is creating a closed-loop system that doesn’t require a single ounce of fossil fuel—once all the components are operational. Reinbott’s “Zero Carbon Footprint Vegetable and Compost Production System” can become a model for other universities, school districts, prisons and even small communities who aspire to turn their waste stream into a productive resource.