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Looking for ‘The Face of Hunger’

Local food bank uses research from CAFNR researcher, students to better serve hungry Missourians

First, there was what seemed like a simple request in 2005. That’s when Peggy Kirkpatrick, then the director of The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, asked Sandy Rikoon, Curators Distinguished Teaching Professor in rural sociology in the Division of Applied Social Sciences, and his team to do a survey of households in the 32 counties that comprise the food…

From the Ground Up

Grow Well helps with food insecurity and lack of healthy choices

There’s hope growing in the backyard of Missourians who are food insecure.

A Hungrier Missouri

Hunger Atlas shows food insecurity continues to worsen

The number of people in Missouri who worry about having sufficient food, or who experience outright hunger, is moving in the wrong direction.

Setting the Table for Food Security

Symposium unites research and communities to tackle hunger in the U.S.

We all think about it every day: what to eat at our next meal. For the millions of American households who experience food insecurity, the question is not what to eat, but if they’ll eat. Addressing that issue was on the table at a recent symposium hosted at MU: Food Insecurity: Assessing Disparities, Consequences, and Policies. The symposium, sponsored by…

Breaking Bread

Summit partners researchers with those dealing with food insecurity

Sandy Rikoon is conducting an experiment with his food insecurity symposium Oct. 17-19. Rather than hold sessions where academics present their research conclusions into the causes and consequences of insufficient food distribution in America, the director of MU’s Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security is creating a forum where the people on the front lines of the problem will tell the researchers how they use current data and what new information are needed.