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Staying Fresh

Study shows that LED lighting can leave hamburger meat with more red color in deli cases longer than incandescent bulbs

Nutritionally, nothing is different when red meat, say ground beef for instance, darkens to brown, but try telling that to the average customer at a grocery store. “That’s the number one driver that consumers have,” said Carol Lorenzen about the bright redness quality of meat. A research team involving that included Lorenzen, professor of meat science in the Division of…

A Change in Taste

CAFNR and industry to announce high-quality cattle strategy

The University of Missouri and a consortium of beef-related companies on Aug. 30 will announce a strategy for the industry to adapt to and profit from these new consumer preferences. This project will describe how cow-calf producers, stockers, feed yards and processors can work together to produce high-demand products.

Whole Hog

CAFNR to Donate Half-Ton of Sausage to the Food Bank

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) at the University of Missouri is donating 1,000 lbs. of lean pork sausage worth about $2,000 to The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.