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Impacting the Missouri Beef Industry

Study shows management-intensive grazing has raised economic output of Missouri’s beef industry by more than $125 million every year

Since 1990, the Missouri Grazing Schools have provided its more than 18,000 participants with pertinent information related to management-intensive grazing (MiG). The schools, a partnership between the University of Missouri and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), are designed to touch on each aspect of management-intensive grazing, delivering research findings and vital information to its attendees. A recent economic…

Grazing School provides hands-on learning opportunity

On a warm fall morning, aspiring ranchers and agricultural professionals gathered near Linneus, Mo., for the 2011 Management Intensive Grazing workshop. Participants headed to the pasture after only an hour in the classroom. After looking at five red Angus cross heifers, they estimated the average weight of their five-head heard. Their task was to allocate an area of pasture that their herd would graze to three inches by the next day.