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Twilight Tour a Big Success

Hundley-Whaley Twilight Tour showcases various research

The first ever Hundley-Whaley Research Center Twilight Tour was a big success, bringing in nearly 150 attendees on Tuesday, Aug. 23. The attendees heard about the various research being conducted at the Center, located in Albany. Topics included weed management, soybeans, cover crops, and drainage and subirrigation. “Our first Twilight Tour went very well,” Superintendent Bruce Burdick said. “Several of…

As Heard on Insight: Keeping Nutrients in the Field

Greenley Research Center uses drainage water management to generate and regulate water on fields

Did you miss the first airing of the seventh installment of our new Insight series? LISTEN NOW to the program or to the extended version of the interview. For years, producers have looked for ways to manage the water on their fields. The Greenley Research Center near Novelty, Mo., has turned to drainage water management in an effort to generate and regulate…

Black and Gold and Green

Research centers improve efficiency in research and practice

From turning today’s tuna salad into tomorrow’s tomatoes, and improving water quality and conservation through advanced irrigation and drainage techniques, CAFNR’s 17 research centers are improving production efficiency, reducing costs and inputs and working to conserve natural resources. Sometimes the solutions involve working with what nature provides, such as capturing ground source air to maintain consistent temperatures for heating and…