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Reflections: G.B. Thompson

Dr. Thompson shares memories of livestock judging, both as a participant and coach

When I was in grade school in Pettis County (Quisenberry Grade School), there was a World Book Encyclopedia with a chapter on animals in it. I practically wore that chapter in the book out I read it so often. I had a passion for animals incredibly early. I just loved to be around livestock. I grew up on a dairy…

A Dream Job

Tawnie DeJong selected to lead livestock judging program at Mizzou

Since she was a toddler, Tawnie DeJong has been studying what separates a superior specimen of livestock from one just a little less impressive. Livestock judging has been a mainstay in DeJong’s life since she began judging cattle in 4-H. She continued to judge through FFA in high school and joined the livestock judging team at South Dakota State University…

That Family Feel

Britton Francis will lead the MU livestock judging team

Britton Francis was born and raised with black and gold in his blood. With a grandfather who was a professor of atmospheric sciences, parents who earned degrees from the University of Missouri and a brother currently earning a degree in plant sciences, the Francis family, who hail from Paris, Mo., has a Mizzou pedigree. Although Britton didn’t receive his bachelor’s…