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Secret of the Legume

Researchers pinpoint how some plants fix nitrogen

Researchers take a step toward engineering crops to use less nitrogen.

CAFNR’s Mack Truck

World War I truck promoted a soil erosion program

Mike Vangel, father of Tracie Vangel, administrative assistant in CAFNR’s Division of Applied Social Sciences, found this old photo of a truck once owned by the Missouri College of Agriculture and promoting something called the Clover and Prosperity project.

A Promising Plant

CAFNR Research to Determine How Complementary and Traditional Medicines Can Alleviate HIV/AIDS

An international research center co-directed by William Folk, Ph.D., biochemist, in the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and the School of Medicine, will study the medical effectiveness of the plant commonly called Sutherlandia. A clinical study seeks to determine if the plant is safe and can benefit people in the early stages of HIV/AIDS.